From the Belly of the Fish — Part 2–Getting Out of a Bad Situation

Depression—What causes it?

Mind/Mental Turmoil—I’m not able to do what I want to do without friction.

Body/Physical Control—The only thing I really have control over is my body…sometimes.

Spirit/Spiritual Anguish—I’m constantly aching to be free from restrictions of my mind
and body.

First Thought: I want to be FREE.

Second Thought: Get rid of the environmental restrictions. Clean the house from top to bottom. Remove any clutter, for example: things I don’t use, things I haven’t used in a while, and things I have been intending to use but am not using. [Try to gain control of the situation by implementing control over my natural surroundings. This makes me feel strong and helps me to think that victory over the situation is possible.]

Third Thought: Make decisions and write them down so that I don’t forget or get whimpy.

Decisions about:

Person—Who or what do I want to be?

Place—Am I going to stay in this physical residence with these people?

What—What actions am I going to take to better myself and condition?

When—What is the schedule for the transformation?

Why—Do I have pure motives or am I trying to hurt someone else? [This usually backfires
because a decision to change my situation and circumstances will generally hurt
someone else who desires for the situation to remain constant.]

How—Develop a strategy for accomplishing tasks that is agreeable with current situation,

resources, and expectations.

Fourth Thought: Start implementing the plan.

Fifth Thought: Realize that everything is not going to happen all at once. Rejoice in the little victories. Expect the next accomplishments.

Sixth Thought: Take note of the large victories—projects that involved many tasks.

Seventh Thought: Know that I am making my life better, I will feel better, and I will be an encouragement to others. I need to make myself strong in order to be a help to others.


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